Using Your Credit Card to Cover Auto Repair Costs

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When Should I Pay for Auto Repair Costs with My Credit Card?

Many financial experts advise people to never use their credit cards because they can easily fall into debt. When you use your credit card to cover payments, you're not spending your own money.

But if you never use your credit card, then how are you supposed to build credit? And should you ever cover your auto repair costs with a credit card? Thankfully, the friendly and knowledgeable technicians at Ardsley Motors in Ardsley, New York are here to help.

Typical Costs of Automotive Repairs

While routine auto maintenance costs, such as oil changes and tire rotations, won't break the bank, larger issues may stretch your budget thin. While our team at Ardsley Motors works closely with you to understand your unique financial needs, we understand that money can be tight.

That's why we want to be transparent about auto repair costs so that you're always prepared. The average cost for a single automotive repair bill can fall between $500 and $600. This can be a difficult sum to pay at once. On the other hand, a year's worth of routine auto maintenance services will cost you around $550. It's a smart idea to stay on top of your car's health in order to avoid hefty repair bills.

When to Use Your Credit Card for Auto Repairs

Perhaps you've decided to get your vehicle serviced, but funds are tight right now. Instead of putting your car's wellbeing on the backburner and risking larger repairs, why not charge your vehicle maintenance costs to your credit card? This will ensure you can comfortably pay for your auto maintenance bills without messing up your finances.

In fact, using your credit card once or twice a month is actually a good thing. As long as you meet your minimum monthly payments and your total balance is paid off at the end of the delay period, using your credit card for auto expenses can boost your credit.

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Written by Ardsley Motors