Get Ready For Winter With These 5 Auto Repair Tips

5 Auto Repair Tips to Prepare for Driving in Winter

Driving during the winter in New York can be dangerous if you haven’t kept your automobile in good repair. Whether you are visiting family out in the country for the holidays or just finishing your daily chores, keeping a car maintained will prevent or mitigate some of the unfortunate side effects of winter. Here are 5 tips to prepare for safe driving in the winter months.

Inspect the Brakes

Your brakes may seem fine during everyday use, but when you need them the most is for an emergency or a sudden stopping situation. Most auto repair shops will perform a brake inspection every six months, so letting them know is important. Driving on icy roads will increase stopping times, so you should also accommodate that by driving more slowly or keeping more distance from other cars.

Clear the Exhaust

The exhaust system is also important to maintain during the winter because snow can clog the pipes of your automobile. While repairing this can be rather easy to do, it still poses a considerable threat if not paid attention to. Not only are your pipes more likely to get stuffed with snow, but you’ll be driving with the windows up in winter. You could be filling your cabin with harmful gases.

Battery Temperature

Batteries have liquids inside that evaporate when heated. It is important to keep your battery fueled with distilled water to help it start your car, but at lower temperatures the chemical reactions are more difficult, making it harder to start the car. Less of the liquid will also evaporate during the winter so if the levels are fine you won’t want to add too much or the water can expand if it freezes. Contact your local auto repair shop if you’re unsure how to handle this.

Engine Coolant

Antifreeze helps to regulate the temperature of the engine whether it is hot or cold outside. The engine is by far the most important component repair in an automobile While maintaining it is always crucial, in the winter is when the most strain will be placed on your engine’s fluidity.

Keep It Clean

Dirt and Dust that hang around in winter will also cause your machine to run poorly. Keep all of the components underneath your hood free from corrosion and dirt to allow them to run smoothly. Especially in winter when dirt can harden and stick to surfaces, staying clean will reduce the strain on your vehicle.

The last thing you want is to get stuck in the snow, so preventing your automobile from breaking down in the roads is important for your safety. If you wish to get your car serviced for the upcoming winter months or for general repair, come to Ardsley Motors at 555 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, NY 10502, United States or call us at 914-693-4686.

Written by Ardsley Motors