BMW Inspection I and II – What Are They, Why They Are Important

Why You Need Specialized BMW Inspection and Repair

BMW is an automotive repair and production company known for its quality and safety. The newer models of BMW are among the safest Sports Utility Vehicles you can drive nowadays. However, some BMW owners have older models which may not hold up to the current standards that BMW ensures for their product. So what exactly does BMW do to uphold their standard and why do you need this as a BMW owner?

Outdated Models Need More Care

The new models of BMW won’t require as much repair for obvious reasons, but also older models don’t give off the signal that they need repair as well. For example, newer models are designed to show a meter that measures the time since the last inspection and whether certain features of the vehicle are in need of service. In this way a BMW owner with an older model will need to visit a dealership that knows how to handle many types of cars.

BMW Specificity

Any automobile will have specific parts to match the model, but BMW repair can require a more unique selection because of the unique shape that BMWs have. You can’t just go to any part store and find something that will fit. Visiting a BMW dealership or alternative repair shop with the specialists and ability to order the right parts will keep your automobile safe and reliable.

Two Types of BMW Repair, One Safe Ride

The way that BMW upholds their standard is through their thorough inspection system. Depending on the last time your BMW was inspected, a dealer or specialist repairer will perform a certain type of inspection. There is Inspection 1 which checks things such as tire pressure, rear lights, engine fluids, and brakes as in usual check ups. However, they also perform checks on things like the seat belts, door locks, and air bags to make sure you are as safe as possible. Inspection 2 performs all of the same checks that Inspection 1 does, but it performs even more essential services that some routine checks will not do. Since this type will occur less frequently, it includes air and fuel filter changes, spark plug replacements, and other important checks that won’t need to be done every time. This same method of having smaller and larger inspections is how airplanes inspections maximize their safety, so you know you are getting the highest quality.

Visiting a BMW dealership will help to make sure you get the parts and services required, but this can be costly and inconvenient, especially if there are no nearby BMW dealerships. If you are in Ardsley, New York, Ardsley Motors can provide these repairs using specialists to get your BMW repaired and in optimal condition. Visit us at 555 Saw Mill River Road, Ardsley, NY 10502, United States or call now at 914-693-4686.

Written by Ardsley Motors